10 Martech Trends in Post Pandemic 2021


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To get the most in-demand insights on what is trending on Marketing Technology now in 2021.
A guide on how to upgrade and pivot your business in the very near future.

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Marketing Technology and e-commerce has certainly evolved. The changes are even more evident amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This series will provide you exclusive insights on how Martech will advance to a higher level in this digital era.
Blended Commerce
Blended commerce is the combination of commerce and entertainment. With blended commerce, a new method of shopping, you can take higher flights with your brand in the near future.
Personification and personalisation are two separate yet similar forms of user experience. And as brands, we need to start looking into personification and here's the reason why.
Phygital Experience
A phygital experience is much more than just combining offline and online stores. Tap in and find out why we all should consider expanding the way we as brands manage customer experiences and how our brands will transform if we do so.
Blended Participation
Blended participation is a more advanced way of having a more immersive conversation from different time zones and places. With blended participation, thin line of virtual reality now could be blurred even more. Tap in to learn more!
Machine Experience
An advanced machine experience not only improves the overall quality of your platforms but also enhances the user experience as well. Here's why your brand should start advancing in machine experience now.
Chatbots nowadays are much more personalised in customer service but there are still some downsides to it, and this explains the hesitance in companies and brands in investing it. Nonetheless, there's still room for improvement and this advancement may be nearing. Find out more!
Payment Integration
Payment is the most important step in the consumer process. The lesser steps it has, the less likely the consumer will change their mind. Here's how payment integration will advance in the near future and how you can implement it in your brand.
Esports Mainstream
Don't be too surprised that Esports has boomed tremendously over the years. The Esports boom will definitely bring more opportunities to the global community in the near future. Here's what to expect.
Purpose Marketing
Purpose marketing is about showing a more human side of the brand. Engage with your followers and show them that you too, have an opinion towards the happenings of your community and the world. Find out how!
Homebody Economy
Homebody economy has become the new normal as the lockdown of the pandemic made us stay home more often than going out. A lot of opportunities have certainly been unlocked and brands are starting to look into how they can upgrade the lives of their consumers in the comfort of their own home. Learn more about homebody economy by tapping in!
These 10 marketing technology trends and changes are either coming soon or already here. But now the question to you is, are you ready to make the necessary changes to your brand and company with these new trends?

Your instructors:

Jan Wong

Co-Founder of OpenMinds™

With years of marketing and analytics consulting experience under his belt, Jan is a seasoned entrepreneur and online strategist. Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017, he’s been featured on various media, an accomplished speaker in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, a catalyst partner with organisations like Global Entrepreneurship Week, TechStars, and SGNEXT50 to continuously mentor and speak at regional workshops, events and conferences.


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