A Look Into Fundraising


Why is this Series Important?

To understand the importance of fundraising.
To understand the common mistakes of fundraising.
To prepare new founders and entrepreneurs on their startup journey.

Made just for:

Startup Beginners and Beginning Entreprenuers
People who want to kickstart their startup journey.
People who are curious about fundraising.

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What If I Can't Raise Funds?
Let's take the focus away from fundraising momentarily. Raising funds is part of the strategy but there are more than just raising funds that can grow your company. Let's take a look and find out!
Common Mistakes in Fundraising
Fundraising is a strategic endeavor. We have to keep that in mind as we tend to lose ourselves when we have successfully raise funds in order to keep the business alive. Here is the essential guide to prevent us from making common fundraising mistakes.
Finding the Right Investor
Finding the right investor is crucial to a company's growth. Being able to find suitable investors for your business can help add value to the company. Here are some tips on where we can find the right person, at the right place.
Increasing the Probability of Success
The probability of success starts from people. The person who founded the company, the people who work in the company and the people who the company works for. Let's take a look on how we increase the probability of success by putting people first!

Your instructors:

Aaron Sarma

General Partner at ScaleUp Malaysia

Aaron is an entrepreneur with experience in technology, digital media and retail. In 2015 he founded Touristly, a travel startup that aimed to help tourists discover and book attractions across Asia Pacific. In 2017, the business was acquired by AirAsia to spearhead its digital transformation with the aim of monetising the data from the 100m travellers who fly every year. Touristly was later rebranded to Vidi and has now become AirAsia.com where Aaron remains as a non-executive board member and a senior advisor. He currently serves as General Partner at ScaleUp Malaysia, an accelerator looking to help startups build and scale to the next level. The program has just completed its inaugural cohort wherein it has invested in 10 companies.


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Annice Lyn
Bikesh Lakhmichand
Daniel Cerventus
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Sasha Tan
Digital MarketingE-commerceEntrepreneurship
Sasha Tan
Digital MarketingE-commerceEntrepreneurship
Sasha Tan

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