Closing The Sale

Why is this Series Important?

To highlight what sets B2B sales apart from B2C sales, and how these differences determine which marketing approaches to take to reach customers.
To understand key effective strategies to generate effective leads and make connections with customers to successfully convert B2B sales.

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Sales representatives, marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, agents.

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Closing The Sale
You’ve done your marketing, generated your leads and built connections, it's time to seal the deal! Hanzo shares his go-to technique for converting sales and why it works: The ROI Close.

Your instructors:

Hanzo Ng

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Hanzo is Grandmaster (Founder) of Hanzo Group. His group consists of sales training company Sales Ninja Training Sdn Bhd, corporate training provider Hero Training Sdn Bhd, and digital marketing agency Aggressive ROI Sdn Bhd. He is the author of Secrets of the Sales Ninja, Sales Ninja's Ultimate Business Strategies, How to Generate Leads & Sales Using LinkedIn and the founder of LinkedIn Academy Malaysia. He is a LinkedIn Influencer sponsored by Microsoft, and is also active on TikTok.


James Lim
Ethan Seow
Ethan Seow
Ethan Seow
Earnest Lim
Celine Ting

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