Let’s talk about Ads and Landing Pages


Why is this Series Important?

To understand the basics of paid and organic content.
To understand the importance of landing pages.
To learn steps on how to create effective ads and landing pages.

Made just for:

Digital Performance Marketers and Digital Marketing Beginners
People who would like to dabble in performance marketing.
People who want to kickstart their content marketing journey.

Browse lessons:

Paid VS Organic Content
We all know there's paid content and just content. But what is the difference and why is paid content important? Let's dive in.
Create an Effective Ad
The goal to creating ads and content is to generate brand loyalty and create sales. Grab a pen and paper, and let's take a look at the basics of creating effective ads.
What is a Landing Page?
In this introduction, we will understand the difference between a landing page and a website, and why we need landing pages.
Effective Landing Page: Hook, Story, Offer
Creating a landing page is not difficult. With the right direction and guidelines, we can add value and credibility to our brand and product. Grab a pen and notebook, and let's see what it takes to create an effective landing page.

Your instructors:

Ryan Ng

Co-Founder of DriveFunnels

Ryan Ng is driven by a strong passion to excel in the fast-paced digital industry. He has worked alongside brands from the telco, F&B, FMCG, healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail industries. He is actively involved in the consultation and development of the digital ecosystem and the social media advertising process. Currently he supports digital agencies to help plan and execute successful digital acquisition campaigns for clients across the region.


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