The Art of Storytelling


Why is this Series Important?

To level up your skills in branding and storytelling.
To enhance your brand awareness and visibility.
To learn how to craft a story suitable for your audience.

Made just for:

Marketers and Digital Marketing Beginners
People who would like to understand the basics of brand storytelling.
People who are figuring out their direction in branding.

Browse lessons:

All About Story Telling
A quick overview on why storytelling is more than just telling someone what your brand is about and what can we expect in this series on the art of storytelling.
Crafting a Story
Crafting a story from scratch is not as hard as it sounds! Let's take a look at what we can do to kickstart in crafting our brand story.
Best Practices of StoryTelling
It's time to take a look at how we can connect and find a common ground between you and your audience to better your storytelling!

Your instructors:

Suzanne Ling

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of PichaEats

Suzanne Ling is a Co-founder and Head of Operations for PichaEats. She has been largely responsible for PichaEats’ digital marketing-driven success, overseeing a team of young and dynamic creatives including graphic designers, videographers and social media content creators. She first met Kim as a university student, where they both founded education volunteering programme Hands of Hope, in 2014. The psychology graduate turned marketer has established herself within the entrepreneurial sphere, having conducted workshops for the likes of MaGIC, MDEC, Microsoft, Exabytes and more, while also hosting webinars with companies such as McDonald’s Malaysia, Netflix, MyBurgerLab, and Inside Scoop. She is regularly invited to share about digital marketing and social media management.


Samuel Soong
Samuel Soong
Samuel Soong
Samuel Soong
Samuel Soong
Samuel Soong
Brian Siew

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