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Digital MarketingLeadershipPersonal Branding
Benjamin Loh
Digital MarketingLeadershipPersonal Branding
Benjamin Loh
Digital MarketingLeadershipPersonal Branding
Benjamin Loh
Digital MarketingLeadershipPersonal Branding
Benjamin Loh
Digital MarketingLeadershipPersonal Branding
Benjamin Loh

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Kim May Chee

Founder of COCOdry

Chin Ren Yi

Co-founder of MyBurgerLab

Aaron Sarma

General Partner at ScaleUp Malaysia

Wendy Lee

Brand Image Consultant and CEO of Chapter One Asia (M)

Freda Liu

Lead Radio Host and Producer at BFM Enterprise

Andreas Vogiatzakis

Executive Director @ WWW.AMVPLUS.COM

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Careers for Tomorrow: Digital Marketer


The series by Jan Wong is important for job seekers and fresh graduates interested in a career as a digital marketer. It provides firsthand insights into the field, including necessary skills, pros and cons of the role, and advice for anyone looking to enter the field.

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Answer this honestly – do you really want to watch a video longer than 5 minutes? Although the content is short, we promise that the content is still structured in a way that provides complete and continuous learning. It’s just that each video that you watch includes one impactful point and takeaway, and we think that sounds like a better deal!

OpenAcademy is a platform that enables communities to be able to learn directly from industry practitioners. Our goal is to provide a no-nonsense platform in sharing real, unbiased, non-theory driven content and programmes designed for students, startups, business owners, teams and more!

The OpenAcademy app is suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, working professionals and even students that are looking to upskill and discover.

We only deliver what is tested and working for us. Our programmes are built on real experiences and insights by practitioners. You will learn from people who are currently working within the industry as strategists, consultants, notable keynote speakers, hands-on practitioners and more!

We have a variety of industry practitioners available on the app, all the way from F&B owners, UI/UX designers to digital consultants. Some known names are individuals like Freda Liu, Chin Renyi from myBurgerlab, CK Chang from OXWHITE, Kim May Chee from COCOdry and more!

We have more than 30 categories for you to choose from. The topics covers everything you need as an individual looking to get up to date with trends,  discover something new, what it takes to run a business or upskill in your current position ranging from Digital Marketing, Leadership, Cybersecurity to Mental Health at the workplace.

The subscription plan includes unlimited access to all OpenAcademy Originals content – including videos, articles, infographics that are updated regularly on a weekly and monthly basis with additional credits to learn further from the experts. 

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I started my side hustle with the insights and inspirations from the OpenAcademy App. The content is short but gold. It saves my time from reading long articles or watching long videos just by watching the content in the app - especially when I am travelling in a car.

Gerald Tham

Digital Marketer


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I'm actually very satisfied about the app. It's good that I can learn a lot of cool new things in the app and it helps me out. I am having a good time learning using your app.

Terza Fondevilla